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But you must continue in the things which you have learned and been assured of, Knowing from whom you have learned them.


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   Reviews of Research

                      1 Peter in Recent Research

                      Acts in Recent Research

                      Haggai and Zechariah in Recent Research

                      Hosea in Recent Research Part 1

                      Hosea in Recent Research Part 2

                      Investigating Biblical Parallels

                      Jeremiah Review of Research

                      Job in Recent Research

                      Judges in Recent Research

                      Kings in Recent Research Part 1

                      Kings in Recent Research Part 2

                      Lamentations in Recent Research

                      Lamentations in Recent Research Part 2

                      LXX Review of Research

                      Micah in Recent Research

                      NT Greek in Recent Research

                      Old Testament Intertextuality in Recent Research

                      Psalms Research

                      Religious Experience in NT Research

                      Researching the Bible

                      Review of Research into Jewish Apocalypticism

                      Satan in Recent Research

                      Targums on Recent Research

                      The History of Interpretation of The Song of Songs

                      Titus in Recent Research

                      Jones B., The Seventh-Century Prophets, (2016)

                      Ronis S., Intermediary Beings in Late Antique Judaism,(2015)

                      Ong H., Ancient Palestine is Multilingual and Diglossic, (2015)

                      Emadi S., Intertextuality in NT Scholarship, (2015)

                      Kelle B.,The Phenomenon of Israelite Prophecy,(2013)

                      Twelftree G., The Miraculous in the New Testament,(2013)

                      Malcom M., The Structure and Theme of First Corinthians,(2016)

                      Troxel R.,The Fate of Joel in the Redaction of the Twelve,(2014)

                      David N., and Lange A.,(Eds.),Qumran and the Bible, (2010)

                      Helyer. R. L., recent research on Col 1:15-20, (1980-1990)

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