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But you must continue in the things which you have learned and been assured of, Knowing from whom you have learned them.



This page holds Microsoft Word DOCX files for the EJournal 2007-2016 and Bibleworks TTF files for import to Logos Bible software. If you require this facility, email the editors and request the password. This facility is only to subscribers who currently receive the PDF version of the EJournal.

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                       Jan 2007

                       April 2007

                       July 2007

                       Oct 2007

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                       Jan 2008

                       April 2008

                       July 2008

                       Oct 2008

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                       Jan 2009

                       April 2009

                       July 2009

                       Oct 2009

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                       Jan 2010

                       April 2010

                       July 2010

                       Oct 2010

top arrow     2011.docx

                       Jan 2011

                       April 2011

                       July 2011

                       Oct 2011

top arrow     2012.docx

                       Jan 2012

                       April 2012

                       July 2012

                       Oct 2012

top arrow     2013.docx

                       Jan 2013

                       April 2013

                       July 2013

                       Oct 2013

top arrow     2014.docx

                       Jan 2014

                       April 2014

                       July 2014

                       Oct 2014

top arrow     2015.docx

                       Jan 2015

                       April 2015

                       July 2015

                       Oct 2015

top arrow     2016.docx

                       Jan 2016

                       April 2016

                       July 2016

                       Oct 2016

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