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But you must continue in the things which you have learned and been assured of, Knowing from whom you have learned them.

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This page is for useful downloads (resources) supporting Historical Creationism against Theistic Evolution.

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  • The Myth Of the Solid Heavenly Dome: Another Look at the Hebrew Raqia, Randall W. Younker and Richard M. Davidson, Andrews University Seminary Studies 49 (2011) PDF logo

  • The Myth of the Solid Dome (Part I; revision 1), A. Perry  PDF logo

  • The Myth of the Solid Dome (Part II; revision 1), A. Perry  PDF logo

  • The Significance of the cosmology in Genesis 1 in Relation to A.N.E., Parallels, Gerhard F. Hassel, Andrews University Seminary Studies 10 (1972) 1-20.  PDF logo

  • Biblical Studies: Cosmology in Historical Context, Noel K. Weeks,
    WTJ 68(2006):283-93  PDF logo

  • The Limits of Natural Selection, A. Perry  PDF logo

  • Cain and monogenism, P. Wyns  PDF logo

  • The Creation versus Evolution Debate, Andrew Perry  PDF logo

  • The Argument from Design, Andrew Perry  PDF logo

  • From Adam to Noah: A reconsideration of the Antediluvian Patriarchs' Ages,R. K. Harrison, JETS 37/2(June1994)161-168  PDF logo

  • Genealogies in Genesis 5 and Genesis 11, A. Perry (2015)  PDF logo

  • Problems with Theistic Evolution, A. Perry (2015) PDF logo

  • Reader Perspectives on Creation, P. Wyns (2015) PDF logo

  • Philosophical Naturalism and Methodological Naturalism, S. C. Dilley (2010) PDF logo

  • Carol A. Hill, The Noachian Flood:Universal or Local? (Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith; Volume 54, Number 3, September 2002:170-183) PDF logo

  • Carol A. Hill, Qualitative Hydrology of Noah's Flood,(Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith; Volume 58, Number 2, June 2006:120-129) PDF logo

  • Alan E. Hill, Quantitative Hydrology of Noah's Flood,(Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith, Volume 58, Number 2, June 2006;130-141) PDF logo

  • Jewish Understandings of Genesis 1 to 3, Justin Marston (S & CB:2000,vol 12, 127-150)  PDF logo

  • Some Thoughts on Genesis 1&2 and Egyptian Cosmology, James K. Hoffmeier, JANES vol. 15(1983):39-49 PDF logo

  • The Intelligent Design Movement, Andrew Perry  PDF logo

  • Evolution and Evolutionary Creationism, Andrew Perry  PDF logo

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